Fitness Has Changed the Game

For years the word athlete conjured thoughts of football, baseball and basketball players. The world of golf and the game of golf is changing that perspective. Although Tiger Woods brought the importance of fitness in the game of golf front and center, he was by no means the first. Partly because of his prowess on the course and partly because of his impressive physique, he became the face and voice of fitness in the golfing arena. Now across tournaments everywhere today, the impact of the fitness and golf movement is evident.

Phil Mickelson is not a small man, but it isn’t likely that his generously healthy shape would be cited as one similar to that of an athletic build. Yet even Phil Mickelson took note of the competition (again, mainly Tiger Woods) dropped some weight and put more emphasis on physical conditioning. The result was more than one major title that followed.

The New and Different Generation of Golfers

With an entirely new wave of golfers, now referred to as the next generation of golfers, physical fitness appears to now be the standard not the anomaly. Guys like Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are leading the way. Young? Sure. But this new wave of professional golfers aren’t just young, they are fit too.

These guys are new to the scene, but they aren’t the typical golfers seen in years past. It almost seems that all of them are lean, fit and talented. Maybe Tiger was the one who ushered in this new era, maybe not – but either way the game of golf has now officially changed.

A Previously Unused Advantage

To avoid throwing any of the amazing and gifted golfers of past years under the bus, it is safe to say that those who have been the world’s best or in the conversation haven’t always been models of what it means to be fit. It may not even be a stretch to say that many of these talented guys were actually portraits of unhealthy living!

The advantage of fitness has been revealed by the golfers today and what Tiger has done. This in now way should come as a surprise. The physical conditioning alone on the final day of that 4 day major in the blistering heat of August must surely be a bonus. The endurance after walking one of those hilly, physically and mentally challenging courses must be a benefit. Aside from the obvious physical advantages, comes the mental edge. Many of the guys who’ve won on tour, virtually anyone actually, will attest to the fact that winning on the PGA is a boost in confidence and assures them that they not only belong but can win. This and the very real and very practical fact that the body feels healthier and works better in direct correlation to fitness is another mental edge.

So the next time a professional golf tournament is being played, notice who’s playing and who’s on the leaderboard. There is a pretty good chance that it is being dominated by players who are not only playing winning golf, but are also maintaining a winning workout regimen. One of the newest tag lines for the PGA is, ‘these guys are good’, maybe it will soon become, ‘these guys are fit’ too.

How Do Golfers Get Ready For Tournaments?

Golfers are going to get ready for tournaments in ways that are going to make the most sense for people when they are practicing the right way. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get ready when they are doing small things that are going to get them ready, but most golfers have a system. The system is going to get them ready, and it is going to be much easier to get the game ready to go for 72 holes.

The people that are practicing are going to be able to hit the long ball, and they are going to spend a lot of time on a driving range until they are happy with their swing. This means that they are going to have time to figure out how to keep the ball straight, and they can work out kinks in this. No one is going to get a longer drive unless they have spent their time on the range making the ball fly farther.

The putting green is a natural home for most golfers because the short game is so important, but they have to spend a lot of time hitting from all parts of a green in all conditions. This means that they have to be hitting from two feet and forty feet. They have to be hitting over features and hitting straight. Anyone who is serious about golf has taken every putt they could ever imagine before they compete in any tournament with Phil Mickelson .

They also have to make their way to a chipping green that is going to make it much easier for them to try all the chip and wedges that they need to work on. This also shows them how much power is in each of their woods and irons. Someone who has not practiced with every club will not know which clubs to bring on the course, and that means they are going to have to practice with each one before they make their choice.

The golfer that is getting ready for a tournament is going to have done everything that they could possibly do on a gold course, and then they are going to make sure that they can do that in real life when the play starts. Getting ready for 72 holes takes a lot of work, and it takes very consistent practice every day before the tournament starts.

Cavaliers prove to be no match for Warriors


CLEVELAND – The visitors’ locker room at Quicken Loans Arena was much drier, much quieter on Monday night than the last time the Golden State Warriors were here. No plastic was needed to cover the stalls or the carpeted floor. The only bottles being opened were waters and sports drinks to help them down plates of chicken wings and catered food from Morton’s steakhouse. There certainly wasn’t much of a celebration, only an acceptance of a regular-season annihilation of a team that supposedly had more invested emotionally, that supposedly needed a win over an elite team to solidify its status as a contender.

The Warriors embarrassed the Cleveland Cavaliers in a callous, deflating way they never had in their previous five victories over the Cavs, dating back to last year’s NBA Finals. With the kind of performance that harkened back to their 24-0 steamroll start to this season – with Stephen Curry burying shots from near center court, Klay Thompson silencing the crowd with each stroke of the net and Draymond Green doing some of everything else – the Warriors once again looked invincible, once again appeared capable of making a cruel mockery of the rest of the league on the way toward becoming repeat champions.

“When we play the way we play and those guys are hitting shots, we know it’s a wrap,” Harrison Barnes told Yahoo Sports after the game. “This is a team we could very well see down the road. We want to leave that lasting impression.”

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E-sports viewership grows, could surpass some traditional sports

From the San Franciso Chronicle:

Someday in the not-too-distant future, friends may huddle around a screen to watch “League of Legends” instead of football on a Sunday afternoon, according to a report released Monday.

Online viewership of e-sports games like “Legends,” which involves epic sci-fi arena battles, has grown quickly in the United States and could eventually surpass the popularity of some traditional sports, the report said.


Bryce Bates sits in the game room of his home playing StarCarft2 with an adversary from overseas on the internet Sunday June 7, 2015. Bryce “Machine” Bates was one of the top StarCraft2 players and esports personalities in the U.S. He retired two years ago and now lives in Berkeley, Calif. working for the GoodGame Agency. Fire fast, quit young: not all fun and games for e-sports pros Ali Moiz, CEO and co-founder, at the Vulcun headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Fantasy leagues for pro sports are well established, but now there are fantasy leagues for professional video game esports players. One is San Francisco’s Vulcun, which launched in January and offers a total prize pool of $10 million. In fantasy e-sports, everything is virtual except the money Audience members (left to right),Sanford Wong, Peter Cheung, and Eric Cheung get into the match at the Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients) video game tournament to begin at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, Calif., on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Video game tourney packs Warfield with e-sports fans
About 70 percent of Americans ages 8 to 64 now say they have played an electronic game, and of that number, 18 percent have watched an e-sports game or event, says research firm Frank N. Magid Associates.

That percentage compares with just 9 percent of Americans who watched or attended e-sports programming three years ago and 12 percent in 2014, the report said.

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Who Participated In The 2015 PGA Tour?

The 2015 PGA Tour calendar just ended with Jordan Spieth winning the FedEX Cup, $10 million and completing one of the finest seasons any golfer has ever had. The tour was an amazing tour de force that started with Spieth winning two majors, then other golfers got in on the act to make the end of the season much more interesting. This article explores the 2015 PGA Tour as it went from the first major in Augsuta to the end of the Tour in Atlanta.

#1: Who Won Majors?

Jordan Spieth won both the Masters and the British Open in commanding style. The weather was so bad in Scotland this year that Spieth was thought to be out of the running due to inexperience. Jordan blew away the field to win the first two legs of a grand slam without even breaking a sweat. Zack Johnson won the US Open at the end of the last day, and Jason Day was able to win the PGA Championship late in the season. These three men commanded the respect of the golf world this year, and they kept Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy out of the conversation.

#2: How Did Tiger Perform?

Tiger Woods is a Stanford alum who resides in Florida to this day, but he is having one of the toughest stretches imaginable for a great golfer. Tiger has not been able to get healthy after numerous problems with his back and hips. It appears that he may have done quite a bit of damage to his body when he was dominating the sport along Phil Mickelson, but he no longer has the drive in his legs to perform well. He missed cuts at major championships this year, and he is expected to miss part of next season, as well.

#3: Did Jordan Spieth Overtake Rory McIlroy?

Jordan Spieth has overtaken Rory McIlroy as the dominant player in the game today, but both men are very young. They will have duels for the next couple decades that will rival those had by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. No one can say these men will be as good as Jack and Arnold, but it is clear that both men are on a path to greatness.

The 2015 PGA Tour season was Jordan Spieth’s coming out party, and the golf world must prepare for next season. Starting Jordan at the front, no Tiger Woods and four more majors will make for an interesting season.

From Group to Team


You must have seen until now teams that didn’t function as they should and also, they didn’t do as good as they could. There is only one explanation for this – they can themselves a team, but they are actually a group.

In sports, especially in team sports, it is very important to be part of a team that also acts like a team. There can be many coaches and many other people who tell them what to do, but if they don’t act like a team, they will not win many games.

What’s the Difference?

Sports EquipmentA group is simply some people gathered, that may have something in common, for example – running. That makes them a group of athletes. To make them a team, it’s not enough to gather them in the same place and give them the same coach. Even if they practice the same sport, that doesn’t automatically place them in a team.

To be a team, that group has to have more in common than just the said sport. The group needs to develop its own identity, they must have the same objectives and goals, they need to be able to communicate with ease and efficiency, and, also, what is most important – they need to think of themselves as “a team”.

When they stop making the difference between “us” and “them”, or “we” and “they”, then it’s sure the good way to a team.


Being cohesive means that the team is united for the same goal. It’s not always easy to determine what makes a team cohesive, but it’s worth a try from the coach. Asking questions and free discussions will help him or her find out what makes them united. It may be the decision why some people joined the team, or the final goal of winning something like a championship. With the right questions, the coach can find out what makes the team stick together and follow that lead.

15411-sports-action-photography-kidsThe people in the team can be friends, or they can have the same goal. In the end, it matters little, as what is important is that the team remains cohesive through time. This means that it must not fall apart.

The Goals

Different people have different goals when joining a team. Some want to be famous, some want to perform better, while some want to win the championship or something. What is important is that the team must have a goal, and it should be one and only for each and every player in the team. The goals should be set with the coach, as the usual goal is to have remarkable results in one or more competitions.

For example, the goals need to be measurable and specific – this way, when communicated to the players, they will know what it is expected from them. If they look for fame, for example, they can get it only if they play as a team and win as a team. In addition, the goals should also be challenging, but realistic. You can’t ask a team to win a famous cup, when they are just starting to train together. Performance asks time, and they should start at their own level.



The Roles and Expectations

Each player has his or her own roles. This is set by the coach based on the ability of the player, his or her skills and the level of training. You can’t ask a player to cover something that he doesn’t know, as well as you can’t use a player for something under his level of experience.

Apart from this, once the role is set for every player, the coach needs to ask the same things from everyone. There must be no difference in treating one player or another. If this happens, then they will take notice and start wondering if they are not good enough for the team.

If the coach expects the same thing from everybody, as a team, they will have no problem in performing their own part in the game.

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