From Group to Team


You must have seen until now teams that didn’t function as they should and also, they didn’t do as good as they could. There is only one explanation for this – they can themselves a team, but they are actually a group.

In sports, especially in team sports, it is very important to be part of a team that also acts like a team. There can be many coaches and many other people who tell them what to do, but if they don’t act like a team, they will not win many games.

What’s the Difference?

Sports EquipmentA group is simply some people gathered, that may have something in common, for example – running. That makes them a group of athletes. To make them a team, it’s not enough to gather them in the same place and give them the same coach. Even if they practice the same sport, that doesn’t automatically place them in a team.

To be a team, that group has to have more in common than just the said sport. The group needs to develop its own identity, they must have the same objectives and goals, they need to be able to communicate with ease and efficiency, and, also, what is most important – they need to think of themselves as “a team”.

When they stop making the difference between “us” and “them”, or “we” and “they”, then it’s sure the good way to a team.


Being cohesive means that the team is united for the same goal. It’s not always easy to determine what makes a team cohesive, but it’s worth a try from the coach. Asking questions and free discussions will help him or her find out what makes them united. It may be the decision why some people joined the team, or the final goal of winning something like a championship. With the right questions, the coach can find out what makes the team stick together and follow that lead.

15411-sports-action-photography-kidsThe people in the team can be friends, or they can have the same goal. In the end, it matters little, as what is important is that the team remains cohesive through time. This means that it must not fall apart.

The Goals

Different people have different goals when joining a team. Some want to be famous, some want to perform better, while some want to win the championship or something. What is important is that the team must have a goal, and it should be one and only for each and every player in the team. The goals should be set with the coach, as the usual goal is to have remarkable results in one or more competitions.

For example, the goals need to be measurable and specific – this way, when communicated to the players, they will know what it is expected from them. If they look for fame, for example, they can get it only if they play as a team and win as a team. In addition, the goals should also be challenging, but realistic. You can’t ask a team to win a famous cup, when they are just starting to train together. Performance asks time, and they should start at their own level.



The Roles and Expectations

Each player has his or her own roles. This is set by the coach based on the ability of the player, his or her skills and the level of training. You can’t ask a player to cover something that he doesn’t know, as well as you can’t use a player for something under his level of experience.

Apart from this, once the role is set for every player, the coach needs to ask the same things from everyone. There must be no difference in treating one player or another. If this happens, then they will take notice and start wondering if they are not good enough for the team.

If the coach expects the same thing from everybody, as a team, they will have no problem in performing their own part in the game.

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